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Firstly, this is the ‘about us’ page at the Black Cats news section. In essence, the SAFC News Headlines is a division of The Sunderland Forum. As the name suggests, SAFC News brings you all the current Sunderland AFC news as it happens too. Likewise, we publish fixtures and results from the greatest football team the world has ever seen.  Everything to do with the Black Cats is here.

We continually update this website so all new content is fresh and breaking news as it happens. Obviously, you can join and comment as you please. In fact, we have a rating system in place. So, if you want to rate an article you can do that too. We would prefer it if you would also join the Sunderland Forum where interaction with other members is far better. However, you can join both if you want.

About Us – Sunderland Forum

On the whole, the Sunderland Forum is the mother site and includes forums dealing with local news, SAFC chat, an off topic lounge for all and an area for idle gossip. We cater for all Sunderland supporters and people interested in the city in general. However, the forum with its many categories, is a place for all.

From Roker Park to The Stadium of Light - SAFC News - about us - results and gossip

Stadium of Light – Aerial View

Summing Up The SAFC News Website

Obviously, our aim at this site is to bring you all Sunderland AFC news as it happens for all Black Cats supporters everywhere. All in all, the news we bring is in headline form. You can reply to those headlines here if you like, but you will get a quicker response in the mother forum.


Finally, we also have a local news website that deals in in news across Wearside and the surrounding areas. Generally speaking, we cover all areas within the city including Sunderland, Washington, Houghton and Hetton. The surrounding areas of South Shields, Boldon, Cleadon, Whitburn, Seaham and Durham also feature heavily too. Of course, you can always make local posts in the forum too.

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