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To begin with, the SAFC News headlines blog concentrates on Sunderland AFC. However, this page shows the links to necessary pages regarding the website. In short, click one of the above links to fetch the desired page. In effect, many of the pages are not much use to the majority of visitors but are necessary to inform some. However, we do have a handy search machine which is from google. In effect, this means you can surf the entire web and not leave any of our websites.
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Inside The Stadium of Light


On the whole, the Sunderland Forum is our main website. However, we do have many sister sites such as the Sunderland Blogs. In effect, these are the two main websites for all Mackems, Wearsiders and world-wide Sunderland AFC supporters. On balance, we have all the subject matters covered. So, the Sunderland Forum and its associated websites is full of information and passion. By and large, feel free to join one or even all of them and make a contribution to the Sunderland, Wearside and SAFC community.

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