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Firstly, welcome to the SAFC News Headlines page. Obviously, the above posts are in the form of bullet headlines. In fact they are clickable links that take you to the original article. However, before you click them, bookmark our main Sunderland Forum.

In short, you will find all the links to our Wearside community websites. For example, our forum is for the shorter posts while our main Sunderland Blog is for more in-depth articles. You can join in also, and you can post your articles about anything. In other words, it does not always have to be about Wearside! That of course, is up to you.

Although this is our SAFC News Headlines website, we will list the others. For example, on a similar theme we have the Wearside Local News Headlines website. Then there is the Sunderland Blog. Finally, we have the main Sunderland Forum. Obviously, all links are in the tabs at the top of the pages.

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All in all, we have a many comprehensive websites under the Sunderland Forum umbrella. So, why not bookmark one of them. Since our main website is the actual forum, we recommend you bookmark that. This is because all our websites are accessible from the main page. However, all links are available everywhere for convenience.

The Sunderland Forum obviously exists as a massive community. With this in mind, join in. With each website being different, obviously you need to register separately. However, the chat-rooms should be your first stop. This is because it is so simple to make a thread or reply to a post.

Although we cover all SAFC News Headlines here at the Black Cats News Blog, you can expand the articles elsewhere. So, let’s say that an article here has opened your eyes, you may open a topic about it in the Sunderland Message Boards. As well as that being easy, you will get a quicker response. This is because, most members log in there first. However, you can comment or post anywhere once you register.


The Black Cats obviously play a big part in the lives of Wearsiders. With this in mind, we have plenty of information on these boards about Sunderland AFC. This SAFC News Headlines website is obviously all about the lads. Indeed, we have all the latest results, fixtures and general gossip about the Mackems. However, if you feel that something is missing, let us know or register and post all about it!

On the whole, we hope you enjoy your stay at the SAFC News Headlines website. Moreover, if you like our aim, drop us a line and let us know using the contact us tab above.

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