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League Position for Sunderland AFC - full league table showing SAFC

Indeed, we highlight Sunderland in the league table

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League Table on SAFC News Headlines

League table - sunderland position - staying up relegating Newcastle

Sunderland ’til I die

As shown above, we highlight Sunderland’s position in the league table as it stands right now. In addition to the league position of SAFC we also have the nest few Sunderland fixtures on the next page.

Also, we have listed the most recent results for the lads. In fact, here at the SAFC News website we commit ourselves to the Black Cats and update all information daily.

SAFC league table - Sunderland's position in the league - Jimmy Montgomery guest appearance at the Stadium of Light - goalkeeping legend
Obviously, the image we show here is Jimmy Montgomery in one of his many appearances at the Stadium of Light. By and large, we never will forget previous Sunderland football players.

Black Cats Chat Rooms

League table for Sunderland AFC - Black Cats chat rooms - smb - sunderland message boards
Up to the present time, the Sunderland Forum has been up and running for years. During this time we have evolved to where we are today. For the most part, we are an online community for the Wearside area. However, it goes without saying that our dedicated SAFC forum is very busy. With this in mind, we invite you to come over and have your say on all matters to do with Sunderland.


Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our sister site – The Sunderland Blogs. On the whole, our main website is the forum proper and secondary to that is the blogs. So, please join either or both and make a contribution to the best team in the world. Generally speaking, the forum will provide you with more interaction while the blogs provide you to place facts and other information. In short, if you wish to join the Sunderland Forum proper, then all you need do is sign up. Likewise you can do that at the blogs. However, if you wish to post at the blogs let us know and you can have those rights.

League position for the Black Cats - Sunderland AFC league table - SAFC plight

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