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SAFC Fixtures - next few Sunderland AFC games list

Indeed, here is the SAFC Fixtures list

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You may also need Sunderland’s last match result.

Next Sunderland Match

As well as listing the last few Sunderland AFC results, we now list the next few Sunderland games. We list the next two games for SAFC together with the time and date of kick off.

Furthermore, we update the fixtures immediately should the games switch to accommodate television rights etc. That is to say that we constantly monitor events as they develop and act on them straight away. Therefore, the SAFC News website stays ahead of the game by making sure only current information is available.

SAFC fixtures - Kevin Phillips with his Sunderland shirt sponsored by Lambtons
Obviously, the above image shows Super Kevin Phillips with his rather baggy Sunderland shirt. He won the golden boot while playing for SAFC in 1999, obviously SKP is a Sunderland legend for all time.

SAFC News – SAFC Fixtures – Forum

SAFC fixtures -Sunderland AFC - Stadium of Light - night time spotlights
The SAFC news website has included the next few Sunderland matches as shown above. However, did you know that the Sunderland Forum has been up and running for many years? By all means pop over and join because there is a lot going on. Just to point out that we are a community for Mackems, Wearsiders, ex-pats and SAFC supporters who have no affinity with the city.
Indeed, we do not discriminate and anyone can join as long as they stick by the guidelines as we are a family forum. As well as being a community for Wearside, we also provide a SAFC forum. In fact, this forum is the most active at this time. With this in mind, pop over now and have your say about the Black Cats.

SAFC fixtures - next few games - Stadium of Light aerial shot of Sunderland and the River Wear


Finally, a bit about the SAFC News website. All in all, we are a sister site of the main forum and we provide brief headlines all about Sunderland AFC. After all, SAFC is the biggest football club in the north east. In fact, we have the best supporters too. Indeed, our away support is second to none. However, you can join up here or at the forum proper and have your say. Likewise, you can join in at the main Sunderland Blogs.

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