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Sunderland Games - results - fixtures and league position for SAFC

Indeed, this is the games information page for Sunderland AFC

SAFC Matches and also an information page

SAFC games and matches - Stadium of Light interior view with full display red and white

SAFC matches and games - all the next games for Sunderland AFC - Sunderland results and league table position

SAFC Games

To begin with, this is basically a navigation page showing links to the SAFC results, fixtures and league table. However, feel free to click one of the above links to find the desired information. All in all, Sunderland AFC is one of the biggest football clubs on earth. With this in mind, we update our information daily. In fact, we sometimes update the site a few times each day to provide breaking news for Black Cats fans. Obviously, we cover all Sunderland games.

Join the Sunderland Forum

In effect, our main website is a forum. On the whole, it is far easier to join a forum and make a post. Hence, we promote the Sunderland Forum first all the time. The forum of course, is a Wearside community that is all about the area around the River Wear. Since we do not allow profanity or abuse of any nature, it is an ideal place for all the family. Obviously we are a local community and not just a football forum. As a matter of fact, we never started out that way but as time moved on we included a dedicated Sunderland AFC forum. At the present time the SAFC forum is more active than the local news forums!

Without doubt, Sunderland football team plays a big part in the lives of Wearsiders. However, Sunderland fans have a world-wide following. With this in mind, we cater for all. Obviously, we can see clearly, the Sunderland Forum is a friendly website and will remain so. In any event, pop over there as soon as possible and join in. The image to the right shows Niall Quinn too.

SAFC Matches and Games - Sunderland's results, next games and league position - Niall Quinn - SAFC legend

In short, apart from the Black Cats chat rooms we have a local community for those who have links to the city in some way. For those who support Sunderland but have no affinity with the area, there is a general lounge for all other subjects.

SAFC Matches and Games - Marco Gabbiadini on the ball at Roker Park - Sunderland games

Marco Gabbiadini – a powerful striker and also a Sunderland legend

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